Using business to improve lives, create jobs, bring hope, and glorify God

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About InnoGroup

InnoGroup is a community of autonomously run businesses sharing a Biblically based concept and value system as a way to make a bigger impact in God’s Kingdom. We believe that collectively we better maximize our impact in the world around us as we improve lives, create jobs, give hope and glorify God.

Our Vision:

  • Be a company based on Biblical Principles
  • Be Wise Stewards of our God given talents and resources to improve lives, grow people, give generously, employ, and produce beneficial products
  • Be a dynamic, winning Culture where we love to work
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When we say we’re here to make a difference, it’s more than just words. From drilling hundreds of wells in Nigeria, to supporting communities in Haiti, InnoGroup companies are making an impact all over the world. We demonstrate that Stewardship trumps ownership, and that time, money and talents are resources to be used for good, versus personal wealth.

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Innogroup Learning

How We Learn and Grow

InnoGroup seeks opportunities to lean and grow from one another in innovative and creative ways. As we collaborate together, like a healthy family, we give of ourselves for each other’s success and operate independently, manage collaboratively, and compete collectively.

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Our Mission to Create 128 Points of Light

InnoGroup and its 12 companies hope to create 128 separate entities in order to shape 10,000 people to work as a way to improve lives, create jobs, bring hope, and glorify God. Collectively, we will change the way business, the church, and the world view each other.

“Every person is unique and has something valuable to offer if given the chance…the best kind of giving might consist of giving each person the means to become all they can be and satisfy the needs still unknown to him”
– Francois Michelin

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Innogroup Companies

From manufacturing and design, to nonprofit and fair trade, InnoGroup is made up of a variety of different companies with one shared vision. We believe that people are passionate to be a part of an enterprise that gives them a platform to apply their God given talents in fulfilling their purpose, and leaving a legacy.

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