Together for Hope – New Name for InnoGroup Stewardship Project

The InnoGroup Stewardship Project Team has chosen a name for our Project!  We have now embraced Together for Hope as our project title.  This title conveys the essence our stewardship effort – to come together as like-minded companies to impact the world with HOPE.   From now on when we share about our project in Haiti with Mission of Hope (MOH), we will use this new title, Together for Hope.

The Project Team has also developed champions for the 4 key challenges connected to the proposal brought to InnoGroup by MOH.  The 4 challenges are Education, Communication, IT, and Leadership Development.  We will have the following champions from InnoGroup in these 4 areas:

IT – Bill Johnson (from Envizion IT)

Communication –Doug Finn and Jamie Pierce (both at Ventura)

Education – Bob Soulliere (IES)

Leadership Development – Bryan Lanser (Innotec/ILH)

These 4 champions will be creating teams to effectively address the needs and tasks in each challenge to enable us to complete our commitment within the funding proposals we have endorsed.  The champions will also have a corresponding champion from MOH and also from the field in Haiti.  We believe linking our champions directly with those responsible in those areas at MOH and in Haiti will allow us to be effective and successful in 2021.

Please give thought to individuals within your company who might have skills and passion for these areas and pass those names along to the corresponding champion for InnoGroup.  Exciting to see Together for Hope’s impact in Haiti!!